Art classes in 2014

I’m offering regular classes in Arana Hills, starting late July 2014:

Thursday evenings 7-9pm Life Drawing – starts 14 August
Monthly Saturday mornings 9.30-12.30pm Language of the Soul


Life drawing

Life drawing creates a rich environment to develop observational skills and expressive drawing technique – and it’s so good for the brain! In this series you’ll actually limber up your brain, creating new neural pathways that improve your eye-hand coordination. I’ll show you different ways to master proportions, and you’ll begin to develop your own expressive style. I will support you to overcome any ‘I can’t draw’ messages that hold you back. There will be a mix of models over six week varying in age, gender and body type. Sometimes they may be in costume, but mostly they will be unclothed.

Cost: $25 tutored, $15 untutored


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