Tuning in to Wisdom

sketch of a blue woman facing outwards27 September 

We all need a good dose of courage to face our day-to-day struggles. It is so human to move away from the source of pain and seek answers outside ourselves when we are challenged. This workshop offers a gentle alternative, providing a chance to tune in to the quiet space where inner wisdom resides. We will use intuitive and creative processes to find the voice of your deeper self and decode the messages offered to you at this time. You will take away something you have made during the workshop that records and reflects your discoveries.


graphic showing workshop title 'Growing the language of Soul' and an image of two hands holding a heart that is growing leaves.This workshop is part of the Growing the Language of Soul series, designed to create a fertile space to explore your unique inner landscape and to map your pathway with clarity, joy and purpose. We do this in a small group setting through a mix of intuitive processes, guided visualisations, creative play and creative recording (writing, painting, drawing, collage and making things). You don’t have to be an artist or feel that you are ‘creative’ to fully participate and enjoy. I especially welcome people who feel alienated from their creativity due to judgement or comparison in the past.

Engaging with this process will reward you with a sense of connection with your own flow of transformation and increase your sense of clarity, calm, acceptance and focus.

composite of people's artwork showing seeds and abstract forms

Images from the Seed Energy workshop, 6 Sept


Workshops are held at the Bunya House – ground level, in Arana Hills – 1167 South Pine Road, Arana Hills


9.30am-12.30pm, Saturday 27 September

Cost and inclusions

Materials and morning tea provided.

What to wear

Please wear comfortable clothes that are not too precious, and bring a light shawl or scarf for meditating in.

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