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Saturday 6 December

The full moon on 6 December is in the creative, social house of Gemini. It is the perfect time to join with others to do creative things and to share depth and insights. Full moons are also rich with symbolism around completion and endings, making it a good time to acknowledge the good things as well as the challenges that have arisen during the year. It is a chance sweep the ground with gratitude and allow peace to settle into our depths.

In this workshop, we’ll open a space for acknowledging the end of a cycle. We’ll use creative processes to tune into our intuition and grow a sense of peace with where we are on our paths – rather than where we think we ought to be! In the lead up to Christmas when there is so much hyped up energy around consumerism, turning inward is a powerful act. Instead of being burdened by more ‘stuff’ you can choose to move forward more lightly on your path, ‘following your bliss’ (as Joseph Campbell put it so beautifully). You will leave the workshop with something you have made that is coded and imbued with your insights.


graphic showing workshop title 'Growing the language of Soul' and an image of two hands holding a heart that is growing leaves.This workshop is part of the Growing the Language of Soul series that are held monthly at Bunya House. The workshops open a space to explore inner landscapes using creative processes in a small group setting. Techniques include processes such as guided visualisations, creative play and creative recording (writing, painting, drawing, collage and making things). You don’t have to be an artist or feel that you are ‘creative’ to fully participate and enjoy. I especially welcome people who feel limited in their creativity due to judgement or comparison in the past.



Workshops are held at the Bunya House – ground level, in Arana Hills – 1167 South Pine Road, Arana Hills (Brisbane, Australia)


9.30am-12.30pm, Saturday 6 December 2014

Cost and inclusions

All materials and morning tea provided.

What to wear

Please wear comfortable clothes that are not too precious.

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