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taster, language of soulSaturday 21 March

Would you like to have a taste of the Language of the Soul series? Dip your feet in to test the water? This is a short session designed to give you a sense of what the process is like without committing to a full workshop.

Try before you buy – it’s important for people who haven’t tried personal work in a group setting before to have a light taste of the process.

What is ‘Growing the Language of Soul’?

graphic showing workshop title 'Growing the language of Soul' and an image of two hands holding a heart that is growing leaves.

growing soul, growing heart

Growing the Language of Soul workshops are held monthly at Bunya House in Arana Hills, Brisbane. The workshops are designed to hold a safe and nourishing space for participants to explore and map their inner landscapes. We do this in a small group setting, using creative processes and sharing of our reflections. You will always have the chance to share your reflections, and you will be given the choice as to how much or how little you share. Techniques include intuitive processes, guided visualisations, painting, drawing, collage, writing and making things. You don’t have to be an artist or feel that you are ‘creative’ to fully participate and enjoy. I especially welcome people who feel limited in their creativity due to judgement or comparison in the past.

Taster Program

workshop participants busy painting and drawin

workshop participants busily making

At this taster session, I’ll explain the process, do a warm up with you and give you a little taste of a workshop. I’ll also give you some yummy treats for morning tea and ask you for your ideas of what kinds of issues or themes you would like me to focus on in the 2015 series. For example, in the past I have done workshops around self-nurturing and self-care. I have also offered workshops around the seasons and lunar calendar, to connect with nature. This taster falls on the autumn equinox, for example, which I like the sound of. To me  the equal length of night and day evokes associations of being in balance, weaving together our dreams and waking life, our subconscious and conscious worlds.

I am open to suggestions and would love your ideas to help me make this series deeply rewarding and deeply nourishing. Scroll down to register.

What people have said:

I love the intimacy of your workshops allowing access to my “I AM” in a safe, nurturing space.



Bunya House – ground level, 1167 South Pine Road, Arana Hills (Brisbane, Australia). GPSs sometimes get confused at the very end of the trip. When you register, I’ll send you a map with some instructions for the last 200 metres!


10am-12pm, Saturday 21 March 2015

What to bring

All materials and morning tea are provided. Just bring your curiosity and be prepared to listen to others in a non-judgemental way.

What to wear

Please wear comfortable clothes that are not too precious.

To register

Please register to secure your spot:



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