Soul of the Feminine

Dreaming & making session

Here’s an opportunity to creatively respond to ‘the feminine principle’: to explore how we relate to inner and outer manifestations, and what needs to be voiced, witnessed and honoured.

This session isn’t binary-gender-specific – men, women and people who identify differently are all welcome to attend. We all have a connection to the feminine principle and understand that differently. Let’s explore!

And here’s the rub: the binary archetypes of the ‘Feminine’ and ‘Masculine’ can trigger big stuff for a lot of people! There is so much social conditioning as to what they mean and what is expected of us… I am keen to support people find their way to a personal meaning and expression, and to saying what needs to be said in the space of this workshop. I welcome your expression of who you are.

A creative and meditative arts workshop, we’ll explore these questions gently, and hold what is ready to emerge.  I’ll be using a Gestalt method, where you will be supported to explore and express your lived experience and to make your own meanings. You will have choice always in how much you wish to show.

No experience in art is needed, and you don’t need to be ‘creative’. You will be supported to explore and experiment with visual and written media, and share and be listened to respectfully in a small group.


What will we be doing?

graphic showing workshop title 'Growing the language of Soul' and an image of two hands holding a heart that is growing leaves.From the Growing the Language of Soul series, these workshops are designed to hold a safe and nourishing space for participants to explore and map their inner landscapes. We do this in a small group setting, using creative processes. Techniques include intuitive processes, guided visualisations, and a mix of options to paint, draw, collage, write and make things. You don’t have to be an artist or feel that you are ‘creative’ to fully participate and enjoy. In fact, I especially welcome people who believe they are ‘not creative’ or who feel blocked in their creativity. That’s my job – to help you connect and discover!

Numbers are capped at eight so that people have space to share what comes up for them and to interact. Talking about your process can help bring it to greater clarity, but you don’t have to talk about it. The invitation will be there and your response will be honoured. I hold a choiceful and safe space where I encourage you to name your own experience and have that respected, rather than tell you what I think it all means.

I love the intimacy of your workshops allowing access to my “I AM” in a safe, nurturing space


1pm – 4.30pm SUNDAY 11 March

How much

$65 (by prior bank deposit – details provided when you enrol)

What’s included

All materials are provided together with light refreshments.  Please also wear clothes and shoes that are comfortable for lounging about and making art in.

Enrolments are essential:

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