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The song around you

Dreaming & making session


A gentle introspective process to listen carefully to the song the world sings to you. It’s a visual and movement based process, but I couldn’t resist the music metaphor. We walk around with so much in our heads most of the time that we can miss the obvious – a fertile void, a humming silence, an environment full of rich stories, a world that speaks back to us.
This workshops involves some walking and exploring outdoors as well as inner walking and exploring. I use a gentle Gestalt process to hold this process and support your creative exploration. At the end of the session, you may be surprised by what you have discovered and you will take away a visual or written recording that charts your travels. That might be a collage, a painting, a drawing, some writing, or a mix of everything.
And if you are not ‘creative’ and ‘can’t draw to save yourself’ that’s good! You are welcome and I will support you to record what you need to record in a way that makes sense to you.
This session actually involves a walking adventure!
So it’s really important to tell me if you have mobility or health concerns as there are some small hills in the area.  And having said all of that, it’s just a short walk. If you do have mobility concerns, I’ll adapt the activity with you.

When is it?

12pm-4.30pm, Saturday 11 August

How much?

$75 (by prior bank deposit – details provided when you enrol)

What’s included?

All materials are provided together with light refreshments for afternoon tea.

What to bring?

Please bring:

And between now and then, have a think about challenges you have been facing, or questions that have sat with you for some time that you seek clarity on.

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I love the intimacy of your workshops allowing access to my “I AM” in a safe, nurturing space


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