Graphic Recording

It’s a revolutionary tool – did you know:

  • Graphic recording builds trust and transparency, capturing workshop and conference proceedings visually and in real time.
  • At the end of the session you have an executive summary of your proceedings in one neat visual – that’s remarkably efficient!
  • Graphic recording is highly engaging and adds enormous value to your projects, conferences and workshops.
  • Clients get to keep and re-use the graphics and can distribute these through their networks.

Summarising proceedings graphically builds trust because the recording of the conversation is visual and seen by all in real time.When there are varied stakeholders in a room with an unequal power differential, graphic recording becomes an essential proof, tracking process and words, literally keeping everyone on the same page.

Representing concepts visually can help the ‘penny drop’ and spark more creative thinking in your group. Dry topics become rich, difficult spaces become fluid.

My clients include corporate, government and community organisations and at all levels the feedback repeats high levels satisfaction with how useful the process and resultant charts are.

Beyond the corporate sphere, it has a huge role to help equalise the playing field. Graphic Recording strongly supports the participation of:

  • visual thinkers (about 65% of the population)
  • people who don’t have strong literacy skills. Australia’s functional literacy is quite low with the ABS indicating that 47% of Australian adults have trouble with literacy
  • people from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, where visual story telling has very ancient roots, and
  • people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds where English proficiency may be varied and meanings may be contested (this occurs in visual meanings too, but it actually becomes easy to talk about and address). 49% of Australians were either born overseas or have parents who were born overseas and 21% of Australians speak another language at home.

Skills I bring:

  • IAP2 accreditation (International Association for Public Participation) – I have completed both the International and Australasian Certificates in Engagement.
  • Master in Gestalt Therapy – I am a deep listener and synthesise quickly.
  • I am part of the Australasian Facilitation Network community, and also work in alliance with Curious Minds Co.
  • I worked as the Senior Program Officer for Brisbane City Council’s Community Engagement Centre of Excellence for six years.
  • I speak Spanish and have engaged in many intercultural spaces over the past 30 years
  • I am a visual artist with a long trajectory. My first ‘proper job’ (last century!) was preparing learning materials in English language classes for newly arrived immigrants. That was a formative role, helping me hone my visual communication skills!

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Chart detail, Logan Eco Forum

Graphic recording in action

MDA 20 Years Celebration

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