What to bring to drawing

  • Paper: preferably A2 sized – or larger – cartridge paper, and/or craft paper (both these can be bought in single sheets or in pads), and you may want some butchers paper or similar for warm up drawings. Under C-19 restrictions, you would probably want to use smaller sketch pads unless you are able to bring your own portable easel. Most of us are drawing while resting our pads on our knees at present.
  • Tools: a mix of drawing media is useful, such as a range of pencils (2B, 4B, 6B, 9B), charcoal (which comes in willow, compressed and pencil forms), conte sticks (compressed ochres and pigments – harder than pastels). You may want to bring a kneadable eraser (for lifting pigment off the page) and a regular eraser. For sharpening your pencils you will need a stanley knife or cutter and a little container for shavings. You may also want to experiment with water soluble graphite or inks. You can also experiment with a range of non-traditional materials, mixing drawing with collage for example and using all sorts of interesting tools. (This list is just a suggestion.)
  • No fixatives, oils or volatile substances: volatile substances including solvents, oil mediums, oil-based markers and fixatives are all prohibited at Bunya House due to WH&S reasons. If you want to apply fixative to your drawings to prevent them from smudging, you can do this outside the studio.