What to bring to drawing

  • Paper: preferably A2 sized – or larger – cartridge paper, and/or craft paper (both these can be bought in single sheets or in pads), and you may want some butchers paper or similar for warm up drawings.
  • Tools: a mix of drawing media is useful, such as a range of pencils (2B, 4B, 6B, 9B), charcoal (which comes in willow, compressed and pencil forms), conte sticks (compressed ochres and pigments – harder than pastels). You may want to bring a kneadable eraser (for lifting pigment off the page) and a regular eraser. For sharpening your pencils you will need a stanley knife or cutter and a little container for shavings. You may also want to experiment with water soluble graphite or inks. You can also experiment with a range of non-traditional materials, mixing drawing with collage for example and using all sorts of interesting tools. (This list is just a suggestion.)
  • A note about fixative: aerosol fixatives stabilise charcoal and pastel drawings which would otherwise smudge quickly.  Please note that fixative should never be used inside the studio for workplace health and safety reasons – while it coats your paper, it also coats your lungs. If you want to use it, please spray your drawings using the table outside the building.