Creative Energising

Re-energising creativity

Is your creativity blocked or de-energised? Many of us reach a point in our lives where there is a huge chasm between what we wish we could do with our creative yearnings, and what we can bring ourselves to do. There are many reasons why we get blocked, and it is a very depressing place to be. Even drawing up the energy to think about it can feel self-defeating.

I have been caught in this space myself, feeling as stuck as a big hairball in a vacuum cleaner tube! Or as if I were trapped in the bottom of a dry well, waiting for the waters to rise and float me to the top. My stuckness culminated in a debilitating illness and I tried many ways of reconnecting with my creative life force, and fortunately, each experiment helped, little by little.

I offer therapeutic sessions and mentoring to support you to find your way out of creative stuckness. I am a qualified Gestalt Psychotherapist and can offer this service face-to-face, or remotely via Skype.

Sessions last one hour and involve conversation, experiments and gentle creative processes. This doesn’t always involve art-based processes and can take the form of other mini-experiments to increase awareness and choice. My interest is to work in a way that honours your unique creative pathway, accompanying you and supporting you along your path, rather than to leading you along my creative pathway.

My qualification for this work is a Master of Gestalt Therapy. I have practiced since 2002 and I taught in the masters programs for 9 years at Gestalt Association of Qld Inc, and Gestalt Therapy Brisbane.


Sessions – $90 per hour

Practice Location

By appointment:

  • Arana Hills
  • via Skype

Get in touch:

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