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Saturday tutored life drawing

Saturday life drawing

Join me for a deep dive into the wonderful world of life drawing! This session is for people who see themselves as beginners to intermediate-level drawers…

Life drawing has been proven by the Mayo Clinic to be very beneficial for cognitive health as we age, and there is no mystery as to why. It’s not only social, fun and interactive – it is also a very different type of activity to our regular day-to-day functioning. There is so much going on as you translate a living body to a 2D pictorial frame; actively look for edges, shadows and forms; work on proportions; limber up your eye-hand coordination and get your hemispheres sparking. It is a whole-brain activity!

Too often I hear people express self-criticism for their ‘imperfect’ work… We are all continually learning and each life drawing is actually an adventure.

So come on an adventure with me. The class will be capped at 10 people and will include instruction, discussion, demonstrations and two hours of drawing.


Beginner to intermediate level artists


Saturday 10 September 2016 2pm-4.30pm This session has been cancelled. Keep an eye out for new sessions, starting up again in early 2017!


Bunya House, Arana Hills (north-western Brisbane suburbs). Complete the contact form below and I’ll send you the address and a map and respond to any questions you may have.

How much?


What to bring?

Easels and drawing boards are provided. I offer A2 sized cartridge paper at cost – 25cents/sheet (not acid free). Apart from that, please bring your own paper and drawing materials. Here’s a suggested list (but don’t feel you have to rush out and buy a lot of materials…we’ll work with what you have).


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