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Drawing Hands and Feet

Do you avoid drawing hands and feet in your life drawings for fear of ‘spoiling’ the drawing?

Our hands and feet each contain nearly 30 bones and over a hundred muscles, tendons and ligaments. What amazing structures they are! No wonder they are hard to draw.

Would you like to learn an approach to drawing these complex extremities with greater confidence?

These sessions are always warm, engaging and rewarding. I provide an encouraging environment, so if you are really sure you can’t draw, you will get a pleasant surprise!

Session outline


Saturday 2 December 1pm – 3.30pm


How much?


What to bring?

Easels and drawing boards are provided. I offer A2 sized cartridge paper at cost – 25cents/sheet (not acid free). Apart from that, please bring your own paper and drawing materials. Here’s a suggested list:


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