Artbalm Creative Services is based in Meeanjin/Magan-djin/Brisbane.

Graphic recording, illustration and animation are my forte. I also offer life drawing, art workshops and creative facilitation.

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Weekly life drawing  happens on Thursday nights at Bunya House.  Bookings are taken each week – would you like to be on the call-out list?

Drawing a Sense of Place – The Bunya House life drawing group survived Covid and we continue to thrive. Meet some of our lovely members in this short and beautiful film.

Read a reviewCrisis Constantine reflects on my exhibition at Caboolture Hub Gallery

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A deep respect for the First Nations custodians of the land where I’m based, is where I start, acknowledging their sovereignty has never been ceded. I pay respect to their Elders and acknowledge the important role Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people play within our community.

My art practice


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About me

Artbalm focuses on my graphic recording and creative services. To find out about my exhibition practice, please click the image link above.

I studied at Queensland College of Art with a major in Painting, but from the start, I worked across disciplines of illustration and socially-engaged arts while developing my individual practice as an exhibiting artist. This breadth of activity kept and keeps me learning, interested and engaged! The balm of creativity is something that I share with my local community, with clients, and of course it’s my own best medicine.

Graphic Recording

My first ‘proper’ job was as an illustrator working in an English language school for recently arrived immigrants. I learned to write in a crisp, open font and to illustrate with clarity to communicate concepts. When I began working as a Graphic Recorder in 2012, this experience gelled and re-activated. I feel that I’m in my element in this work because it brings together many of the things I love: fast and live drawing, close listening, scribing and facilitating. I’ve had a chance to work on many projects where my values align and I absolutely love it.

Artbalm Creative Services…

Artmaking is a powerful and subtle process allowing us to enlarge how we see and interact with the world. It can hold a mirror to ourselves in mysterious and wondrous ways – giving us a shortcut to the heart of the matter, always several steps ahead of our conscious minds. In my work with others, art can be a balm for the inner self, gently lifting worn old habitual ways of being in the world and revealing the raw beauty beneath. For me, making art and visualising processes are always richly rewarding. Artbalm is about offering that calming, enlarging space to communities, organisations and individuals – to help an authentic voice to emerge and be represented visually.


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