Hello, I’m Rachel Apelt, creative artist and facilitator based in Brisbane. I love connecting with people to build creative energy. Finding out what inspires and motivates people and supporting a process to make that visible and tangible is something I am good at. I work mostly in Brisbane servicing the south-east Queensland metropolitan area – and I travel on request to work on projects in other areas – sometimes as far away as Mexico!

I offer a spectrum of creative services: graphic recording, illustration, facilitation, community engagement, through to a range of art workshops in community and school contexts. Click on the links to find out more about the services I offer.

Creative Services






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My art practice

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About me

As an artist I trained at Queensland College of Art with a major in Painting. I have a history of solo exhibitions and collaborative projects with artists and communities around Australia, in Mexico, Singapore and the Philippines. My work can be found in private and public collections, including the Australian National Gallery, Queensland Art Gallery and various regional galleries in Australia. I taught life drawing and painting at Queensland College of Art and QUT for several years and have a long association with Flying Arts, where I am once again a tutor. Along the way I completed a Master in Gestalt therapy and I taught in the masters programs for 9 years at Gestalt Association of Qld Inc, and Gestalt Therapy Brisbane. I currently use those skills to assist people unblock their creativity.

My take on Art

Artmaking is a powerful and subtle process allowing us to enlarge how we see and interact with the world. It can hold a mirror to ourselves in mysterious and wondrous ways – giving us a shortcut to the heart of the matter, always several steps ahead of our conscious minds. In my work with others, art can be a balm for the innermost self, gently lifting worn old habitual ways of being in the world and revealing the raw beauty beneath. For me, making art is always a richly rewarding process.


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