Digital Graphic Recording, when you love paper

I’m finally offering digital graphic recording! Getting there however, was comedy of technological errors. With a strong love of analogue work, I needed a big push to lay down my pens and paper and face the digital world. South of the Queensland border, my colleagues had been forced onto digital platforms two years earlier. A couple of months ago I suddenly needed to do the same, and I am grateful for the beacons lit by my friends down south that helped me find my way.

Here’s a short animation about my sudden transition!

Diving into the digital sea

Yes, it is lovely to swim in the digital ocean – the benefits of an iPad are immense! Like a raft, it provides a performance safety and sanctuary…When everything works! But I suffered imposter syndrome as my NBN collapsed in the days beforehand and my technical difficulties threatened to show me up as a Luddite… Thankfully my work-arounds worked and at the end, my whole neighbourhood must have heard my sigh of relief.

What I love about Analogue Graphic Recording is that spontaneity and interactivity sparkle when I am working large on an expanse of chart paper. There is wonder and curiosity as the magic of the visualised story unfolds at human scale. And it’s such a facilitation bonus – the reflective thinkers come up during breaks and share their analysis, finding gaps in the day’s conversation and deepening meaning.

But, it’s great to offer both forms!

I’m now offering both analogue and digital graphic recording

Examples of recent analogue and digital graphic recording

Here are three examples of recent charts, all relating to climate protection and managing natural resources. I am especially grateful for work like this that aligns with my values!

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