Moreton Bay Art Prize – Between Worlds – Repair

It’s pretty obvious I am not a digital native, and I often feel a bit foolish paddling around the edges of social media platforms. But we are all told we have to get out there, right? Especially visual artists…

Here’s something I’m quite chuffed about:

Image shows a colourful landscape format banner with Rachel's artwork and the words: Moreton Bay Region Art Prize 2022, Outdoor Gallery
Photo of one of my banners by Embellysh Photograhy

Outdoor Gallery

This year Moreton Bay Art Prize offered a new category – the Outdoor Gallery. It’s a clever initiative thought up by the Galleries and Museums team to get more mutual value from their promotions budget. Six artworks were chosen to be featured on large banners that promote the art prize. It’s a great way to get our work out there! I love the other artists’ vibrant work. And the team thought of everything – at the end of the showing, they’ll repurpose the banners and make tote bags from them – one for each of the artists and three each that will be sold in the galleries. Find out where they are and have see the offerings from all of the artists here.

My piece, Between Worlds – Repair is hanging in two locations – at Eaton’s Crossing Road and Bunya Rd, Draper and in Deception Bay at the John Naumann Hall.

Between Worlds – Repair

I started this piece with small mixed-media cyanotypes that I made in response to climate grief. I’ve digitised and scaled up the imagery, sending an impulse for repair beyond myself: out into a wider world.