Dia de los muertos

three skull masks surrounded by marigoldsSaturday 1 November

Join me for a special workshop to mark el Dia de los Muertos – Day of the Dead.  An ancient Mexican tradition, dia de los muertos creates a community space to remember and celebrate those who’ve passed on. The emphasis is on community, remembering, honouring and celebrating. In our workshop, we’ll be opening this space to reflect on endings and passings: that which we mourn, that which we want to honour. It is a space to gather, share and create a gentle ritual to help close another layer around these endings. One of the causes of suffering around loss is that our society has few rituals to help us attend to the multiple layers of grief. Often we pick up messages spoken and unspoken that we ‘should be over it’ and ‘should move on’. It is never so simple or so complete.

So, come if you would like to engage in some hands-on making and gentle conversation in a small group. You can ‘bring’ whatever you want to honour and release to this workshop. We will create a space of respect and honour to gently talk about these things as we make symbolic objects for the altar out of sugar dough. I will facilitate a space that is safe and gently held.

When we have finished you will be able to take things you have made home with you. To reserve a place, please submit the form below.
marigold-cempasuchilCultural note

The Mexican celebration of el Dia de los Muertos captures the imaginations of people around the world because of its rich layers of symbolism, colour, festivity and integration of the life-death-life cycle. In this workshop, we won’t be mimicking or appropriating Mexican tradition. Instead we’ll be synchronising with their festival which starts in late October and continues until 2 November. We’ll acknowledge their framework, and borrow some ingredients – sugar dough, coloured paper, and marigolds to make and decorate a colourful altar.


graphic showing workshop title 'Growing the language of Soul' and an image of two hands holding a heart that is growing leaves.This workshop is part of the Growing the Language of Soul series, designed to create a fertile space to explore your unique inner landscape and to map your pathway with clarity, joy and purpose. We do this in a small group setting through a mix of intuitive processes such as guided visualisations, creative play and creative recording (writing, painting, drawing, collage and making things). You don’t have to be an artist or feel that you are ‘creative’ to fully participate and enjoy. I especially welcome people who feel alienated from their creativity due to judgement or comparison in the past.



Workshops are held at the Bunya House – ground level, in Arana Hills – 1167 South Pine Road, Arana Hills (Brisbane, Australia)


9.30am-12.30pm, Saturday 1 November 2014

Cost and inclusions

All materials and morning tea provided.

What to wear

Please wear comfortable clothes that are not too precious.

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