Saturday Life Drawing

Life drawing is fun and non-competitive with the Bunya House crew – we’re a friendly and inclusive group. And life drawing is so good for the brain – working out the left-right hemisphere connections and activating new neural pathways. It has been proven by the Mayo Clinic to be one of the best ways to maintain cognitive health as we age.

Our next Saturday afternoon session – life drawing, model unclothed.
The session is flexible – you can opt for either tutored or untutored.
Opting for ‘tutored’ means I will give you some one-on-one attention during the session. It’s gentle way to learn – I build on your strengths and support you in your emerging style.



Saturday 30 March 2-4pm

How much does it Cost?

$20 untutored, or $28 with individual tuition Please check the payment and cancellation policy

The Venue

Bunya House Arana Hills.When you complete the registration form below, I’ll send you the address and a map and respond to any questions you may have.

What should I bring?

Easels and drawing boards are provided. Please bring your own materials and paper. Here’s a suggested list of drawing materials for those just starting out. I have some backup A2 paper which I sell at cost:.30c/sheet


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