Drawing Heads & Faces

Do you avoid drawing a face in your life drawings for fear of ‘spoiling’ the drawing? Would you like to learn how to draw faces and heads with greater confidence?

Wherever you are in your drawing journey, I will support you to stretch some more.

These sessions are always warm, engaging and rewarding. I provide an encouraging environment, so even if you are really sure you can’t draw faces, you will be pleasantly surprised.


Session outline

  • Inspiration for drawing faces and heads
  • Breaking the mysterious code: techniques and tips
  • Demonstrations
  • Warm-up exercises
  • Drawing with two models – there will be multiple angles, and always a face to draw!


Saturday 24 August 1-4pm



Please check the payment and cancellation policy

The Venue

Bunya House Arana Hills.When you complete the registration form below, I’ll send you the address and a map and respond to any questions you may have.

What should I bring?

Easels and drawing boards are provided.There are also some card tables for those who prefer to work flat. Please bring your own materials and paper. Here’s a suggested list of drawing materials for those just starting out. I have some backup A2 paper which I sell at cost:.30c/sheet


Please tell me if you are left or right handed(required)

What do you prefer?

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