Kindling the creative fire

kindling the fireWelcome back to ‘Language of the Soul’!

After a long break, the series is finally back!  The first three workshops are designed to kindle your creativity and bring the joy, love and play of self expression into your life. If you are yearning to be more creative and start doing arty things, or if on the other hand, you are feeling creatively blocked or stagnant, these workshops are for you.

These sessions will engage you in a process that will light up a path to your imagination. The process will be gentle and enjoyable, delighting the inner child part of you – the part that knows how to play, make and create. In these sessions your intuition will be sparked and you’ll have a chance to play in a space of drawing, writing, painting, collaging… or any mix of these things that feels right for you. There will be an opportunity to talk and share (as much or as little as you want to), so that you have a chance to consolidate the process and take home your fire-sticks to keep kindling your creativity.

If you feel scared or reluctant at the thought of painting, drawing, or writing…stay with it! These workshops are definitely for you! The process is well supported and I will share my tools with you for working with, and through this reluctance.

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1pm-4pm, Saturday 23 July 2016 (past)

1pm-4pm, Saturday 17 September 2016  (cancelled)

1pm-4pm, Saturday 8 October 2016


Bunya House, 1167 South Pine Road Arana Hills. (If you don’t know the area, let me know as it can be tricky to find the first time. I’ll send you more info)

How much

$60 per session.

What’s included

All materials are provided together with afternoon tea. Please wear clothes that are comfortable for making art in.

Enrol in the October session

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