Kindling the creative fire #2

A sense trail home to the creative self

Come and warm up your imagination and stoke the fires of your creative practice! This workshop is part of a series designed for people who want to get back into making and creating. There are many responsibilities that compete with creativity, and once you stop, it can be hard to get started again.

In this session we will be exploring your sense preferences and the creative associations that spring from them. There will be some writing as well as making (collage, drawing, painting). At the end of the session, you will take home an artwork that will act like a firestick to light up your next creative adventure.

These workshops are designed to hold a safe and nourishing space for participants to explore and map their inner landscapes. We do this in a small group setting, using creative processes. Techniques include intuitive processes, guided visualisations, painting, drawing, collage, writing and making things. You don’t have to be an artist or feel that you are ‘creative’ to fully participate and enjoy.

Numbers are capped at nine so people have space to share what comes up for them and to interact. Talking about your process can help bring it to greater clarity, but you don’t have to talk about it. The invitation will be there and your response will be honoured.


1pm-4pm, Saturday 8 October 2016


Bunya House, 1167 South Pine Road Arana Hills. (If you don’t know the area, let me know as it can be tricky to find the first time. I’ll send you more info)

How much

$60 per session.

What’s included

All materials are provided together with afternoon tea. Please wear clothes that are comfortable for making art in.


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