Park Life Drawing #2

Drawing costumed models in outdoor settings is on!

This is our second event and I am excited to be presenting talented musician and yogini, Kate Barzdo as our model.

Kate will play her harp for us at times during the session, so it will be an enjoyable and relaxed morning at a special spot in Samford. (I will provide the details when you register – not publishing locations is part of my Covid-safe strategy!)


Saturday 6 June 2020, 10am-12noon



What should I bring?

It is important for each of us to be self-sufficient. Please bring your own:

  • seat/cushion/blanket – we will be sitting in dappled shade under trees on leaves and bark – no grass
  • sun protection and insect repellant as we will be near water
  • sketching gear – be aware you will be resting your drawing pad on your knees so A3 is probably the maximum size for comfort
  • fold back clip to stop the breeze flipping your paper
  • hand sanitiser (there is not much on site).

There is a toilet on site and a cafe nearby, and the location is a short stroll from the parking area.


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